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The European Digital Innovation Hub, TETRAMAX, has given an award to the TECNALIA research team made up of Maite Álvarez, Iván Gutiérrez, Daniel Landa, and Conchi Cortés for their work on CLEC Blockchain technology for photovoltaic power purchase agreements.

The CLEC system offers a secure communication flow: data collected from sensors is sent to a Cloud. This, in turn, launches them onto a Blockchain, implemented by TECNALIA, which is responsible for verifying the related contractual clauses. If any clause is breached, this triggers an alert, which is received by anyone subscribed to the alert event channel and can be accessed by an administrator.

Blockchain is the new technology that is based on an identically updated record of digital events across all its nodes: it ensures the origin, integrity and availability of information for both parties, which is one of the main handicaps that exist today.

Applications of Blockchain technology

The awarded TECNALIA team has a long track record in cybersecurity. It has undertaken projects in the fields of critical infrastructure security, identity management, cryptographic chips, contactless technologies, etc. and has been able to protect medical data, ensure the origin of renewable energies and contribute to citizens’ privacy, among other developments.

According to Óscar Lage, Head of Cybersecurity and Blockchain at TECNALIA, “data sovereignty and privacy in today’s context is a clear necessity in increasingly connected systems. Sharing information and ensuring its integrity without leaks is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing us as a society. The combination of distributed records and innovative cryptographic systems will open doors in areas such as business relationships and artificial intelligence”.

Further information

Daniel Landa is a senior IT engineer and technologist with experience in Blockchain technology, high availability cloud applications, mobile payment systems and multimedia asset managers. He believes that “this kind of project is difficult, because we are transforming the way the industry works. But recognition suggests that we are on the right track”.

Iván Gutiérrez is a cryptography and cybersecurity enthusiast. He is working with Hyperledger, EEA and Alastria to improve their capabilities, is involved in research projects and disseminates the technology through teaching and lectures. According to Iván, “the fact that they recognise technological breakthroughs encourages you to carry on with your research”.

TECNALIA started working on Blockchain three years ago. By now it has implemented initiatives related to this technology in more than 20 companies, and has promoted over 10 projects linked to the integrity and security of data exchanged in transactions of all kinds.