Last March, we met at the University of Cantabria to monitor the progress of the TECNALIA-UC Classroom

TECNALIA Classroom, located at the University of Cantabria, focuses on the collaborative work of TECNALIA’s Building Technologies Area together with the different departments of the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Cantabria, and more specifically with the Structural and Mechanical Engineering Area, the Construction Engineering Area, and the Building Technology Group.

Last March, we met at the University of Cantabria to monitor the TECNALIA-UC Classroom: we presented the results of project proposals launched in response to European and National tenders and the excellent development of the currently active European projects.

The Classroom welcomed researchers Anik Gupta and Murad Shoman during the SAFERUp! week in Santander, led by the School of Civil Engineering’s professors Daniel Castro and Jorge Rodríguez.

Projects with students

In 2020, three Master’s Projects and two Dissertations were developed and directed from the Schools of Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. For 2021, the Classroom includes Carlos Ceballos Paredes, who is developing the Dissertation project “Remote monitoring of extraordinary events in structures”.

In terms of high-impact publications, we have successfully developed three. We have also made six communications to international congresses in collaboration with different professors and groups within the University.

Furthermore, researchers from the GITED-UC group Haydee Blanco and Yosbel Boffill have been interns at TECNALIA’s headquarters in Derio (Vizcaya) to complete their research training. They have developed several exciting proposals regarding factory bridges of high historical value.

Further information

The meeting was attended by Jose Luis Moura, (UC) Director of the Civil Engineering technical school; Daniel Castro (UC); Pablo Pascual (UC); Jesús Isoird (TECNALIA) and David García-Sánchez (TECNALIA).