The ENERISLA initiative, with a budget of €4 million, has been classed as a Cervera Network of Excellence by Spain’s Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). The network comprises four highly specialised technology research centres affording excellence in the Energy sector. These four centres are CIDETEC Energy Storage, Tecnalia, CTIC and the CIRCE Foundation as project coordinator.

Technical objectives

The Cervera ENERISLA network was set up with the aim of grouping together the research capabilities needed to develop and create isolated energy systems powered entirely by renewable energy. To do so, it is essential to develop technology and transfer know-how to businesses and other important actors involved in implementing these energy systems.

With this objective in mind, the technology developed by the group is divided into five pillars which underpin the Cervera ENERISLA network:

Pillar 1

Development and integration of energy produced by renewable generation technology

Pillar 2

Improved control and operation of isolated microgrids

Pillar 3

Development of mechanisms to manage consumption and electrify loads

Pillar 4

Integration, management and operation of electrical storage

Pillar 5

Digitalisation of microgrids and development of innovative ICT services

Each Pillar is then divided into several lines of activities where progress can be validated in a simulated and controlled operating environment. In this flexible and controlled digital simulation setting, equipment can be exposed to practically any grid failure or operating condition in a supervised lab environment.

Furthermore, whilst the project is underway, it is a chance to study interactions between different isolated renewable microgrids with a view to analysing how they would affect one another in terms of grid quality, supply security, efficiency and so on.

Strategic objectives of the network

Technology transfer

Transferring technology to significant companies within the network.


Fostering research, development and innovation by leveraging international opportunities.

Network expansion

Expanding the network through internationalisation.

Knowledge transfer

Transferring know-how within the scope of the Cervera network.

Generation and dissemination

Generating and sharing new insights.